Which Man Cave Are You?

Up East, they have basements. Here in Texas we have garages, the occasional spare room or the new trend of detached man sheds, to devote to manly things in a space of solitaire set apart from the rest of the home.

These man caves are the dream of most men, yet only the few or the dedicated get to call them home. What does your dream man cave look like?

A big screen TV, pool table and open bar may be staples, but how you choose to make it your own is what makes it epic. Here are the most common genres of man caves broken down.

Comic Book / Gamer

gamer man cave

From superhero reincarnations to full-blown video game-themed spaces and old school pinball machines, these man caves transport you to another world…another time.

Sport Fanatic


Upon entering a sport man cave, be sure you’re rooting for the right team or heckling and hazing will follow. Ask about the sports memorabilia which adorn the walls – there’s usually a good backstory.

Motor Enthusiast

motor man cave

You’ll find a love for all things with a powerful engine in these man caves – prized Harley Davidsons, vintage vehicles, a shrine to racing – whatever your passion, you have a license to make it over the top.


hunter man cave

Indoors becomes the outdoors where antler chandeliers light up walls covered in trophies from grand adventures. Or a rock climbing wall hangs alongside prized surf and snow boards.

She has the home. You have the man cave. Make it yours. Comment below with your best man cave ideas.

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